Polling - Tropical Truth


Polling conducted in 2023 finds that Hawaiians overwhelmingly support sustainable use of Hawaii’s resources, including tropical fish collection. Sustainable use means that resources are used in a way that conserves the resource for future generations. Sustainable use is synchronous with nature.

Polling presented below was conducted in February 2023 and found broad support among Hawaiians for sustainable fish collection. Follow-up polling in July found similar support. Download a handout with the latest polling results.


Question 1

Hawaii generally practices “sustainable use” of natural resources. This means the government adopts regulations to ensure that whatever is taken can be replenished, to allow for continued use over time. Do you agree or disagree with sustainable use?


Question 2

Some activists want Hawaii to ban the collection of fish for home aquariums. They claim this practice is harmful to the environment. However, marine scientists point to data showing that the fish populations have been growing for many years while collection has occurred. Existing regulations also establish many protected areas where fish can breed and cannot be collected. Based on this information, what best describes your point of view?


Online survey conducted Feb. 2023 of 300 adults in Hawaii. Margin of error +/- 5.2%.